Hervey Bay Accommodation

Travelling with family to Hervey Bay

Travelling with family can be enjoyable. However, a trip to Hervey bay is a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Hervey bay is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places to visit with your family for a vacation. What’s more, it’s actually a wonderful place to visit with the family.

The following are a few reasons why you should visit Hervey Bay with the family

Kids love the beach

The long stretch of the beach with its soft sand ad calm waters is an ideal vacation spot for the kids. For children who aren’t confident swimmers, the gentle waves bring in loads of puddles for them to splash in.

The Esplanade

Stretching about fourteen kilometers, the Esplanade is a sure fire way of having a great time while enjoying an ice cream or sipping on some coffee. There are loads of free parks and exercise equipment which can keep your energetic little ones busy in fun and frolic. Oceans Resort of Accommodation in Hervey Bay right on the Esplanade.

Visit Fraser Island

Another perk of going to Hervey bay is a trip to Fraser Island. It is one of the biggest sand islands with some of the most scenic wonder which would simply take your breath away. If you love exploring nature and want to instill the same in your children, a trip to Fraser Island is exactly what you need.

Whale watching Hervey Bay

Hervey bay is the whale watching capital f Australia. If you are planning to make a trip somewhere between July and November you could be lucky enough to go on a whale watching tour. What’s more you might even spot these magnificent yet gentle creatures frolicking in their habitat.

It’s pretty much calm and not overly crowded

With a population of just about 60’000, Hervey bay is the right mix of busy and calm. For people with children, it’s a relief not having to worry about over crowded beaches which need a sharp eye on the children while they play.

Hervey Bay accommodations are well suited for all kinds of budgets

Whether you are looking for a hotel accommodation or a high end condo, you can get everything in Hervey Bay at reasonable prices.

Splendid weather

The weather is mild enough to be enjoyed by everyone. There are no temperature extremes and you can let the kids enjoy themselves without having to worry a great deal about them feeling overtly hot or cold.

Fishing at the Urangan Pier

For a great view of the Hervey bay coast line, a walk down the Urangan pier is great. Plus if you enjoy fishing you could even bring your gear to catch some of the whiting. What’s more the kids get to enjoy fishing first hand as well.

Offers cheap or almost free ways to keep your kids occupied

Travelling with kids is no easy feat and can turn out to be pretty expensive too. However, when you visit Hervey bay you know you are I for a treat because most of the parks ad rides are free for the children. The children can enjoy themselves running around on the beach of cycling around in the park. Get some sunshine and enjoy the great weather.