Book your Hervey Bay Whale Watching Tour Easily

Whale watching can be a fun and educational experience. Whales communicate with each other by singing and making clicking noises with their tongues. Whale watching is an excellent opportunity for children because of whales’ friendly nature and playful behavior. Whale watching is an activity where people watch whales in their natural habitat.

If you want to see whales’ magnificent creatures and the spectacular Hervey Bay coastlines, then book your ticket for a Hervey Bay Whale Watch today!  Whale watching tours depart early in the morning when it is still dark outside and head out humpback whales’ migration route where they get within 7 miles of shore.

What to expect from a Hervey Bay Whale Watch?

-A whale watch is an experience in itself.

-You will get to see whales and other marine mammals from a whole new perspective.

-You may be lucky enough to spot a humpback or killer whale.

-The boat you are on does not need to be huge, but it should be stable, like a fishing boat or small cruise ship.

-The captain will usually have binoculars available for board the vessel.

Best time of year to whale watch

From June to November. There are two whale watching tours to look forward to offshore and inshore. Offshore tours can last for up to four hours and are the most common. Inshore trips usually last about one hour, but you get closer to the whales and see them in their natural habitat.

Recommended tour times

There are two best times to go on a whale watch. The more typical time is during the winter months, from June to November. These months coincide with the whales’ migration patterns, and they’re easier to spot when they’re closer to the water’s surface. However, if you want to see orcas, you should go from December to March in the summer. They will be closer to shore and more accessible for your guide to spot them.

How much should I expect to pay?

Whale-watching tours can be expensive, but it is worth the price if you are looking for an adventure and want to see whales up close. Most tours last around five hours and usually include a meal and beverages. The price will depend on the time, but most will average about $175 per person.

Where can I book my tour?

Visitors to Hervey Bay can see many different species of whales and dolphins. Lucky Bay is the best place to spot these marine mammals in the wild. Whale Watch Queensland offers tours from September through April. Day trips start at $80 per person, including a buffet-style lunch onboard the boat.

Which companies offer whale watching tours?

Hervey Bay is located in Queensland, Australia. The bay was named after Lieutenant James Hervey, who sailed along the coast and saw many whales in the area. Many companies offer whale watching tours in this region.

I would recommend that people choose whale watching tours by Spirit of Hervey Bay, but I recommend booking it at least a week in advance, especially for the best times of the year. The tours are great for wildlife spotting and finding local lore. They also give you a chance to get up close to some wild animals, which should be a thrill for most people.